Best TV of 2012

There’s been a lot to rave about this year…


Boardwalk Empire

This season of Boardwalk has by far been the best. The character development, writing and acting on the show has worked its way up to near perfection, with a season full of ups and downs, laughs, and plenty of violent outbursts. Gyp Rosetti has been a truly terrifying and wildly unpredictable adversary to Buscemi’s Enoch Thompson, and it was exhilarating seeing Nucky lose everything this season and have to claw his way back to the top. I also loved Margaret and Owen’s affair, and this is coming from someone who generally hates any kind of romantic storyline, but those saucy Irish folk are just…steamy! The finale had me chewing my nails off from start to finish. Truly a show that has raised the bar and, like Nucky, showed us all who’s boss.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show is still going strong after 8 seasons. With characters like these, anything is possible and they can never sink low enough. Charlie and Dee Find Love and Charlie Rules the World have been on par with seasons 3 and 4, whereas some of the other episodes have lacked something. But I’ll look past that, because these are characters that I have really grown to love and I’ll watch with glee at any horrible, excruciatingly embarrassing situation that they are thrown into.


Breaking Bad

I’m running out of wonderful things to say about Breaking Bad, because although I know how good it is, I’m still shocked that it’s still this bloody good. And it just keeps getting better. When the final season airs I’ll probably explode because my mind won’t be able to comprehend it. Two words: DEAD FREIGHT. One of the most nail-biting, scarily amazing episodes of anything I’ve ever seen on TV. Or just…ever. Pure perfection…perfectly paced, perfectly staged, filmed, acted, written. And the ending to the season was like a punch in the face (in a good way, of course). This show is blowing my mind so much that I can’t even create proper sentences to sum it up. So I’ll just say…Walt Whitman!



Although Portlandia has only just returned to our screens, it got off to a brilliant start with a sketch about sun-chasers. I hate Summer as a general rule, so this just about summed up my frustrations at people dashing out in shorts with BBQs the minute one ray of sun appears. Especially apt in this country. And that’s what I love about Portlandia…having moved to Bristol earlier this year, so many of the sketches illustrate the way of life here, the kind of shops, the irritating cyclists etc…Bristol is like the UK’s Portland. But Portlandia has Kyle McLachlan as its mayor (whose first appearance in this season I am keenly anticipating).


Regular Show

The first episode of this season of Regular Show was a half-hour special bringing back all of the best ‘baddies’ from previous seasons and making tonnes of references purely to please the fans. I love you, JG Quintel. Exit 9B was awesome, and all of the episodes since have followed suit. And we’ve been treated to a few more specials with Terror Tales of the Park II and the Christmas Special. They’ve also managed to do the impossible, and introduce a new character who has fit in seamlessly. It’s definitely apparent that Regular Show cares about its fans, and I for one feel spoiled.


Fresh Meat

Anyone who has ever lived in a student house should love Fresh Meat. The writers of Peep Show have done it again – made a realistic, tonally ‘British’ show that embodies the cynicism of our country without being depressing. It’s the same kind of set up as Peep Show (everything essentially goes wrong for each character in every episode). The characters are all extremely well written and are all people that you have met if you’ve ever been to Uni – I think they have all been really well developed this series and built up more as people. It has the anarchy of The Young Ones, the realism of Peep Show, and the comradery of The Inbetweeners.

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